Friday, December 14, 2012

You should go.

Four Days of Birthday 
in New York, NY 
December 4, 2012

C is for me

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Oyster Bar

Chow Ders  & Oy Sters with Linds

Grand Central Market

 Eli Zabar's

Eat me?

Checking in



The Big Apple Store

Crazy Kimchi at Gahm Mi Oak
Midtown West, Koreatown

Miracles on 34th

St. Patrick's Cathedral
  The largest in the U.S.A.
  It has a Facebook page.

Rockerfeller Center

80th Anniversary. 80-year-old, 80-foot tree.

This is 40
Midtown, NY
December 5, 2012

Hot MoMA 

I cried at Monet's Water Lilies
quietly screamed at The Scream
then danced in my heart with Matisse. 

Spidey fan was here

Happy Birthday to Holly
and me

Hurricane Sandy made me miss you again
Lady Liberty

 It's also lovely during the day.

  A Better Nutter

Running out of Times Square

A French Bistro Birthday
off Broadway

by L. Vodarek

5 Stars

W. 40th St. on my 40th

Lower East Side and Flatiron District, NY
December 6, 2012

Would have been perfect 
 for my brother Les.

Polish G.I. Deli
Superbly baked Kielbasa


Candy and Rain Gear

time for coffee

Ms. Greenspan @ Essex Street Market

A sample of Coconut Lime.

Port Jammers
  through the looking glass

I hear the smoked ricotta
 is to die for.

Starstruck with Vince Vaughn
in the remake of "Starbuck"

Russ & Daughters

"Gulten" free gourmet

Virgin + Capitol Records

Must have a slice

Bobbles at Barnes & Noble

Artisan Cannoli

Big Ass Nutella

The High Line and Central Park, NY
December 7, 2012

little america

I heart The High Line

New York is a playground

The lovely
 Le Pain Quotidien

Au Lait and Apricot Almond Madeleine

grab luggage from hotel

Black and Whites at Junior's

buy a little fella for the road

Magnolia Bakery's Grand Central Cupcake
at Grand Central Station

Star light, Star bright

Souvenirs from NYC
December 8, 2012

 Empire State Glass Ornament, from a Walgreens
Eiko & Koma: Time is not even, Space is not empty
Once original cast recording, from Linds xo
I Love Postcards postcard
"We are happy to serve you" cup from Polish G.I. himself
Lavender Converse for $7USD, Buffalo Exchange
My new favourite mug from La Mano Pottery
Speculoos gingerbread spread
New York bagels

The best was coming home to Marcin and my girls,
Jordana Banana and Nika Tortilla
They had a candle for more wishes
and a cake
 just for me.

© 2012

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  1. Absolutely FABULOUS pictures!! What a wonderful pictorial snapshot of some of the delights to be found in spectacular New York City! You will have imprinted SO many memories for your 40th Birthday. What a super way to celebrate! The well shot visuals of the physical sights & the various foods gave me a mental taste of what this trip must have been like, and my imagination was able to fill in the aroma's & street noises. A truly well shot travels album!