Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Canadian Badlands - You Should Go.

One Week Writer's Retreat
 in Southern Alberta
June, 2013

First thing on hotel t.v.- Station West

World's largest 
is @ Drumheller

Horse Thief Canyon

if you want to ride the Bleriot Ferry, you must...

Orkney Lookout at Red Deer Valley

The Hoodoos

Last Chance Saloon in Wayne, AB

Frontier Market Antiques

Kitschy downtown Drumheller

at the drug store

at the post office

parking lot

That's more like it @ Royal Tyrrell Museum

Black Beauty

Ornithorminid (ostrich dinosaur)

goodnight Drumheller

Horseshoe Canyon


famous for

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park
with Montana beyond

my Breakfast Cake contribution @ the farm retreat

where Old Man River meets Bow River
becoming South Saskatchewan River

snake burrow

Susan's finds

Albertan steak a must


Souvenirs from Alberta
July, 2013

Trilobite t-shirt by Christine Koch from Royal Tyrrell Museum
dinosaur bones from Horseshoe Canyon
spun honey from the farm

© 2013

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